Kyla's Kids Fund is a platform focused around Kyla's three children, Whitney (age 4), Brody (age 3) and Lincoln (age 1) who tragically lost thier loving mother on the morning June 4, 2014.  Kyla Ann was murdered by her husband of 6 years in her home and in front of her children.  The courage displayed by young Whitney and Brody to run to their grandmother's house for help has touched the community.  When authorities arrived to their home, they discovered a murder-suicide had taken place.


Our aim is to help Kyla's children enjoy the lives that Kyla had envisioned for them.  With the love and care of family and friends along with the support of organized fundraisers, personal donations and family contributions, Kyla's Kids Fund will help ensure that Whitney, Brody and Lincoln have the resources available to participate in activities and experiences deserved by all children.  


While providing care and support for Kyla's kids our hope is that this site will also keep the memory of Kyla Ann alive and shed light on the ever growing problem of domestic violence and its tragic consequences on the children involved.